Uhhhhhhh Interesting Collection

Signifying the good vibes in life through the scent


Lavender Silk

A Soothing scent with base notes of French Lavender, offers a fresh aroma that is a must for relaxing, calming and prepare for you to sleep. Blended with vanilla, this mild floral, warm amber and woody notes serve as graceful, yet bold dry-down.

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Wild Wave

A radiant and sparkling fragrance, with ripe note of fresh lemon and ginger for a vibrant and memorable freshness. The heart blends and peony for a romantic yet luxury feminine scent.

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Midnight Blossom

A shimmering garden oasis with scents of dewy leaves of clementine stretches over the delicate flower heart. Clementine flower sparkles over a heart of orange blossom and water lily, with a warm undertones of orris and balsamic water.

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