Azfar Heri 

Nyala comes from the word menyala refers to my new product candle. Why candle? Whenever I feel stressed out or even sad at midnight I will always light up a candle.

At one point, my life would be so hectic. I’m always out and about for work and responsibilities. But going back home, looking at the candle chilling and vibe-ing with the scent from the candle gives me such beautiful and peaceful environment. That makes everything worth it. It’s like i’m in my own zone and I got to admit that some candle scents are stress relieving also able to make me relax.

Nyala has variety of smells and scents that delivers different story and vibes. I put all of my heart and soul into it so I hope that the scent from Nyala could spark your spirit and from that spark I hope it can give you the strength and happiness to strive for your goals.

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